The patented cutting system TAGLI, NON RACCOGLI, NON VAI IN DISCARICA [MOWING, NO GRASS BAG, NO WASTE] designed by Grin allows you to pulverise the grass during mowing; with Grin the grass isn't collected in a basket, stored and disposed of.

The cut grass remains suspended for a few fractions of a second inside the patented GRIN cap.

Here it is centrifuged and pulverised, thanks to the vortex created by the movement of the patented GRIN blade combined with the effect of a GRIN helix disc placed near the blade.

In this way the grass loses most of its volume and is pulverised into very small particles that are virtually invisible. These particles fall directly to the ground (they do not remain on the surface of the turf!) and are absorbed in a very short time.

With Grin the grass is worked in an optimal way within the cap, reducing everything into very fine particles which become an excellent fertilizer for your lawn! The aesthetic effect after the cut, in normal conditions, it is identical to that of a machine with a collection system. The cap is so wide and smooth that during the cut there are no problems such as filling and clogging, typical instead of machines with a collection bag.

All the GRIN mowers are built with a special frame, designed exclusively for this type of cutting.  The GRIN frame allows you to optimise the work done by the patent of the cutting system, thus making possible an excellent result in particularly difficult situations: high grass, damp grass, uneven terrain, etc.

It is not simple to explain GRIN in words: TO LEARN MORE, WATCH THE VIDEO HERE AT THE SIDE and if you have any doubts, please see the questions below or contact us directly.


Mowing, No grass bags, No waste. Why is it the future?

A beautiful garden, that can be enjoyed and used, needs regular maintenance.
Mowing the lawn is the task that is done most often.

The major drawbacks of this work are:

  • the frequent stops to empty the collection bag
  • disposal of grass clippings

It has been calculated that these two operations represent 75% of the time used to cut the grass

The patented Grin system is the only one that allows you to cut the grass, with the same frequency and to the same heights as a traditional mower with a bag, without leaving noticeable residues behind.

In this way:

  • you greatly reduce the time for cutting,
    not stopping to empty the collection bag
  • you completely eliminate all the tasks connected to the disposal of the cut grass:
    travel to a disposal centre, maintenance only in the days of collection of the organic waste, cleaning of the machine used for transporting the grass, etc.
Do I have to cut more often or only when the grass is very low (max. 6 – 8 cm)

With Grin i can cut the grass at the same height as a conventional mower and therefore there is no need to cut more often:

I keep my usual mowing habits!

Frequent mowing is a common characteristic of the "mulching" machines. (see question 5)

Does using Grin bring about additional lawn maintenance lawn compared to a traditional mower?

No additional lawn maintenance operations are necessary compared to what is adopted with a traditional mower with a collection bag.
The very fine and dusty residue is absorbed in a very short time as fertilizer.

For the lawn, the residue that is deposited on the surface and not pulverised, which a lawn mower leaves when the bag is emptied or when the bag is too full is certainly more damaging!!!

We have monitored lawns since 2004 (with the first GRIN prototypes) until today: The lawns have not undergone special maintenance operations and are in excellent condition, sometimes improved compared to previous maintenance made with a lawn mower with a collection bag.

Do the mowers require special maintenance?

The Grin mowers do not need any special maintenance, in addition to what is normally practised with every lawn mower.

All our dealers provide service and maintenance as for any lawn mower.

Is there a difference between GRIN and a classic "mulching system"?

Very much so

Mowers equipped with a classic "mulching system" require frequent cutting that is not suited to our lawns, our climate and our cutting habits (one must cut often and only when the grass is low and very dry).

The Grin mowers allow you to maintain the habits of cutting a mower with a bag and have an optimal effect on the lawn because they have been designed and produced in accordance with the needs of our lawns and our climates.

In the diagram below the main differences between a mulching machine (frequent cutting) and Grin are highlighted:

  Mulching  GRIN 
Result Pieces of grass on the surface Dusty residue
Effect on the lawn Concentration of the residue on the surface: suffocation risk The dusty residue is deposited on the ground: fertilization
Cut height of the grass A few centimetres The same as on a mower with collection bag
Indicative times recommended for cutting             Even more than once a week during periods of strong growth The same as a mower with collection bag
Cutting with wet grass Difficult; with frequent interruptions to clean the cap Excellent


What is the difference between lawn care with GRIN and lawn care with a mower with a collection bag?

None as regards the frequency with which one must cut and for the aesthetic result on the lawn.

Very great as regards the cutting time and the effort made to empty the bag and bring the cut grass to the place of disposal.

By cutting with GRIN one saves 2/3 of his time. Lawn care for an area of 1,000 m2 can be completed with Grin in about 1 hour of time, against the 3 hours of a mower with a collection bag. Moreover, it is completely independent of the timetables of municipal landfills or disposal centres.

The greater fatigue of cutting the lawn is due to the heavy bag full of grass that must be raised and emptied: With Grin, mowing the lawn becomes a pleasure.

What difference is there between GRIN and a robotic system?

The result on the cut and same and with both systems results can be obtained without effort and without disposal of the grass in landfill.

The main advantages of Grin compared to the robotic systems are:

  • With GRIN it is not necessary to set up automated systems.
  • GRIN is good for any garden: even if there are flower-beds, walkways, terraces, different levels of soil, gardens divided into areas not linked together, slopes up to 25%, etc.
  • Dogs, children, sports and games in the garden, barbecue with friends, etc. … are a problem when the robot must cut the lawn.
  • The costs of purchase and especially of maintenance are much lower than for a robot.
  • The robot must cut every day, so it is always left running. For example, even during the holidays with the risk of theft or breakdowns.
  • GRIN is very solid and very durable over time.
  • GRIN has no problems with rough terrain and the rustic lawns.
  • GRIN can even cut when the grass is damp.
Are there various models and engines?

Grin has a full range of models that adapt to the needs of your garden.

There are internal combustion engines for petrol, electric motors powered by the cable and electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery.

  • Use our " configurator" to choose the right model for you.
  • Contact us, our operators will help you make the best choice
  • Go to one of our dealers, filling in the form "find a dealer" where we will indicate the one nearest you.
What are the constructive characteristics of Grin?

Grin mowers, made entirely in Italy, are greatly appreciated by customers from a structural point of view, because they mowers that are:

  • Robust:
    steel structure, reinforced axles,
    steel wheels with double ball bearings on each model
  • Easy to manage:
    reduced encumbrance and lightweight
  • Powerful and reliable:
    engine and, in the self-propelled models, high quality traction
  • Functional:
    folding handle and adjustment of the cutting height by means of a single lever on each model
Where can I get more information and where can I see the Grin mowers?
  • By calling the toll-free number  +39 800 54 38 58
  • By filling in the form "request information"
  • From one of our dealers, by filling in the form "find a dealer"
  • In one of the many Grin events, referring to the section "events"